Residents can comment on budget proposal at tonight's public hearing

Residents will have a chance to comment on the proposed city budget for 2014-15 at a public hearing Thursday, April 3 at Milford City Hall.

The public hearing starts at 7 p.m.

The mill rate is expected to jump 5.75% under the 2014-15 spending plan as it stands now. But Mayor Ben Blake said he hopes that number may come down as the budget process continues.

At this stage of the budget process, taxes are expected to rise $329 on the typical Milford home with a market value of $311,070. For the typical homeowner, that’s an additional $27 a month. That represents a mill rate increase of 1.51 mills, from 26.28 to 27.79 mills.

When the Board of Finance completed its part of the budget process, tweaking numbers and voting for a finance board-approved spending plan, several members said they thought the projected tax increase was too high. Chairman Brian Lema said he hoped it was the “worst case scenario.”

Mayor Blake said he put a freeze on spending for the rest of this budget year in hopes of transferring additional money to the 2014-15 budget to offset taxes.

The $199.35 million budget proposal marks a $5.3 million increase in spending over the current year, which is a 2.74% hike.

Blake has said much of that is “unavoidable.” Increases in pension contributions, debt payments and health care costs, plus wage increases, account for $5 million of the increased costs, he said.

Residents can offer comments on the proposed city and school spending plans at the public hearing. The city budget proposal can be found on the city website at, and the school board’s proposal can be found on the school website,

In the weeks following the public hearing, the Board of Aldermen will meet with individual city departments to discuss their spending plans. Following is the board’s meeting schedule, with all meetings at 7 p.m. at Milford City Hall:

Thursday, April 10

Probate Court

Registrar of Voters

Veterans Ceremony and Parade Commission

Housing Code Board of Appeals

Flood and Erosion Board

Tree Commission

Conservation Commission

Department of Permitting and Land Use

Zoning Board of Appeals

Milford Government Access Television

Community Development

Economic Development Commission

Public Library

Board of Finance

Park, Beach and Recreation Commission

Recreation Department

Personnel Department

Pension Board

Civil Service Commission

Health Department

Health Services (VNA)

Education Health Services/School Nurses

Law Department

Ethics Commission

Mayor’s Office

General Expenses

Board of Aldermen

City Clerk


Thursday, April 17

Beth El Shelter

Council on Aging

Boys and Girls Club

Veterans Graves

Milford Flotilla

Historic District Commission

Historic District II

Milford Progress, Inc.

Cemetery Association

Housatonic River Estuary Committee

Harbor Commission

Golf Course

Human Services Department

Animal Control

Fine A rts Council

Bridges Community Support

Regional Mental Health Board

Borough of Woodmont

Transit A uthority

Fire Department

Lights, Hydrants, Water

Civil Preparedness


Monday, April 28

Management Information Systems

Police Department

Finance Department

Board of Assessment Appeals

Public Works Office

Highway/ Parks

Building Maintenance

Engineering Department

General Garage

Solid Waste


Sewer Commission

Public Debt Service

Employee Benefits

Insurance and Bonds

Claims and Refunds

Benefit and Salary Reserve

Private School Textbook

Unallocated Contingency

Education Audit Fees

School Debt

Employee Benefits – Non Teaching

Education – Health Insurance Contribution

Wednesday, April 30

Education Operations

The board has reserved the following dates to vote on a city budget. All meetings are reserved for City Hall at 7 p.m.: Wednesday, May 7; Monday, May 12; Thursday, May 15; Wednesday, May 21 and Thursday, May 22.