Republicans endorse Jagodzinski for 118th District

At a Milford Town Committee Meeting on Thursday May 24, Republicans unanimously endorsed Connie Jagodzinski as their candidate for the 118th District House Seat.

After thanking members for their support, Jagodzinski said, “I remember a time when people and businesses were anxious to move to Connecticut because it was affordable and had low taxes. This is no longer true. Since early April, I’ve knocked on over 1,000 doors. Most people are very unhappy with the way the state is being run. It’s both astonishing and sad how many people and businesses are leaving or want to leave because they can’t afford to live here anymore. Our state has failed us. We need to head in a new direction.”

Jagodzinski continued, “We don’t need more taxes. We need to start making better spending decisions. We’re spending an enormous amount of money on foolish projects like the unwanted construction at Silver Sands and the $600 million dedicated bus lanes from Bristol to Hartford with buses that carry only a handful passengers. Connecticut needs to stop trying to tax its way out of every problem.”

In a statement, House Republican Leader Themis Klarides said: “I’m looking forward to having Connie Jagodzinski as a member of a new majority of Republicans in Hartford. She brings a fresh perspective to the difficult issues that we face as a state. Connie has interests and experiences that will serve her well.”

Jagodzinski , who opposes the plans to install tolls throughout Connecticut, said she looks forward to working with people from around the state who are committed to looking for solutions other than tax hikes, turning around Connecticut and addressing the deep structural changes that are needed.

Jagodzinski has a degree in Business Administration, is a Vietnam era Air Force veteran, worked in computer operations, is a writer with novels available on Amazon, worked with Habitat for Humanity and Homefront, served on the Milford Council on Aging and has been active in local politics for 15 years.