Republican caucus scheduled for Jan. 12 in Milford

MILFORD — A caucus of Milford Republicans will take place Thursday, Jan. 12, 7:15 p.m., in the Crown Corporate Campus Conference/Training Center, 472 Wheelers Farms Road. The meeting is called to endorse members for the Republican Town Committee. Members will take office on March 6. All registered Republicans in Milford are eligible to vote in the caucus.

The Republican Town Committee endorses candidates for local offices to run on the Republican ticket, including Mayor, City Clerk and elected boards. It also selects delegates to conventions that endorse candidates for State and Federal offices including Governor and Senator. The Town Committee also supports the election of Republican candidates.

Republican Town Chairman Tom Jagodzinski said: “This is an excellent opportunity for Milford Republicans to get involved in the political process. Milford depends on the hundreds of elected and appointed officials and board members to keep our city running. Almost all these people are volunteers who come together with friends and neighbors to make sure Milford continues to be one of the greatest cities in Connecticut. Our city needs as many people as possible engaged in the governing process. I hope to see a packed room on Jan. 12.”

There will be a Town Committee meeting immediately following the caucus. Both meetings are open to the public.