Rep. Rose says affordable housing hearing will take place this session

State Rep. Kim Rose (D-Milford) has been pushing housing legislation that she says will have a big impact in Milford, and another proposal to hold contractors accountable as the 2015 legislative session gets underway.

Among several bills that Rose is introducing this session, two key proposals she has championed since she was sworn in to serve her constituents in 2011 are already gaining momentum.

“I have been very busy in Hartford enlisting support from my colleagues and respective legislative committees dealing with these important bills to make sure we move them forward this session,” Rose said. “The Housing House Chair understands how critical the affordable housing issue is to Milford and I am confident that together we will find a solution that will be acceptable and beneficial to all of us.”

The affordable housing proposal that Rose has introduced this session addresses such issues as lot coverage as well as how the affordable housing statute is being used to bypass local zoning laws that have made Milford vulnerable.

“Last session, a one-year moratorium on applications on pending appeals of affordable housing developments in Milford was passed, but we must find a more sustainable solution that will help Milford and other towns deal with this situation,” she said.

State Sen. Gayle Slossberg (D-Milford) spearheaded the one-year moratorium.

A public hearing will take place in New Haven at a future date to hear from residents, experts and others and to discuss concerns.

Rose encourages residents to call her office, 800-842-8267, for more information about the upcoming public hearing and to find out how to submit testimony and other relevant details.

“It is essential that we get as much participation as possible,” Rose said.

Another proposal that she is championing calls for more accountability for home contractors, testing their knowledge about state law, showing proof of and increasing their liability coverage, and requiring an increase to the $15,000 guarantee fund now in place to $30,000 that would become available to homeowners for claims, if litigation were won in court.

“I have heard complaints from many constituents who have been left with faulty work and nowhere to turn for recourse,” Rose said. “We must protect homeowners from deceitful individuals who do not meet the standards of quality service everyone should expect and receive. I am optimistic that these and other proposals I have submitted will come up for consideration as the legislative session moves ahead.”