Remembering Danny

When someone passes on to the next life, we feel a loss both as individuals and a community.

We normally go out of our way to show respect for that person by attending services, sending a note of sympathy and speaking positively, almost reverently about him/her.

And when that person has been a public figure, the sentiments are usually even more profound.

However, that hasn't been the case with the recent passing of Danny Presnick. Some very harsh and negative words have been said about a gentleman who lived 51 years. During his lifetime he did many wonderful things, experienced many of life's pleasures, touched many lives and had many lives touch his as well.

In his later years Danny worked tirelessly to open town government. He believed that the citizens of the town of Orange should have the opportunity to know how their tax dollars were spent. And because of this he butted heads from time to time.

But isn't that how government works. When you challenge decisions, when your interruption of statutes is not the same as those in charge ire might be raised.

Danny would seek an elected office not so much to win that seat but to stimulate dialogue on pressing issues. To force candidates to become knowledgeable of the issues and facilitate ways to address the issues.

Danny and what he represented will be missed. His passing leaves a gapping hole that will be difficult to replace. Danny Presnick was a dedicated watchdog for the residents of this community.

His contributions, while not always obvious, were many. He will be missed.