Register reports that Ziba Guy sentenced today in murder-for-hire case

New Haven Register reporter Phyllis Swebilius reported today that former New York Dr. Ziba Guy, 46, was sent to prison today for more than four years and ordered to stay away from her victim 50 years for conspiracy to commit first-degree assault.

Guy was one of two people arrested more than a year ago in connection with an alleged murder for hire plot.

Milford resident Gregory Christofakis, 51, is awaiting trial in the case. He and Guy were both arrested in 2012 on charges of plotting to kill her former boyfriend and Christofakis’ estranged wife.

According to court documents, the twisted tale appeared to start in September of 2012 when Christofakis was in court and bumped into a man he met when the two were in jail together. Christofakis, owner of Greg’s Auto Body on New Haven Avenue, brought the man back to the auto body shop and started talking to him about killing his former wife and his girlfriend’s former boyfriend, according to an arrest warrant affidavit.

The man left the body shop and went home, and a month later he contacted police about the plot.

Christofakis is awaiting trial on charges of attempt to commit murder and conspiracy to commit assault in the first degree.