Recycling do's and don'ts

Could you be costing yourself money by not recycling properly? If your town has single-stream recycling, watch the video below to find out what can and can’t recycle.
Residents living in communities with a single-stream recycling system might be surprised to find out the consequences of throwing the wrong items in your blue bin every other week.
The HAN Network talks to the City of Milford’s Acting Sanitation Foreman Bill Plantamura about the do’s and don’ts of recycling. You will be surprised just how much you can recycle and might learn a thing or two about what can’t go in.
Folks try to recycle some strange things, according to Plantamura, who said education is key.
According to The Milford Mirror, only about 22% of Milford people who are putting their recycling bins out for pickup every other week are compliant, meaning they are putting the right things inside. That’s an improvement over last year, when he said only about 15% of people were putting the right things in the bin. But Plantamura said the numbers have to get a lot better if Milford is going to avoid being fined or even banned from bringing its material to the recycling plant.
Of course, fines aren’t the only concern. Recycling as much as we can ensures our children inherit a better community, Plantamura said.
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