ORANGE >> The students and staff of Race Brook School held a Veterans Day assembly to honor the men and women in the military who have served their country.

Most of the attending veterans were relatives and friends of school families.

The event was organized by Student Council directors JoAnne Escandon, Pam Galatioto and Janet Greenspan.

The assembly organizers and Principal Michael Gray began the assembly with a thank-you to the parents, students and staff who put together the assembly.

“We are a community of learners at Race Brook School, working and learning together in the process,” said Escandon.

The Student Council raised $508 in donations for Homes for Heroes.

The assembly included photos of the veterans, songs by the children, and poems and letters of gratitude presented to the guests.

“Many children don’t understand the full meaning of the day. It’s important for them to recognize the sacrifice that our veterans have made for their freedom,” Galatioto said.

After the assembly, the guests spoke with students in classrooms. Many shared memorabilia, including uniforms, medals and scrapbooks.

They also spoke with students during a continental breakfast reception provided by the Student Council in a classroom.

One fifth-grader included the following in her letter of gratitude to veterans: “Thank you so much for all you have done for our country. I can never pay you back enough for your service. No matter which branch of the armed forces you served on, the people of the United States and I appreciate all the sacrifices you willingly made for us. You have protected our freedom and liberty, making us an outstanding country.”