The public is invited to comment on a proposed settlement of a lawsuit contesting a four-lot subdivision at 622 Gulf St. at the Planning and Zoning Board’s Sept. 17 meeting, which will take place at 7:30 p.m. at City Hall.

The board was supposed to review the item at its Sept. 3 meeting, but since that meeting was canceled due to lack of a quorum, the matter carries over to its Sept. 17 meeting.

If the board approves the settlement, there will be a hearing for a Superior Court judge to decide on that settlement on Sept. 23 at 9:30 a.m. at the Derby Superior Courthouse, 106 Elizabeth St., Derby.

The board approved the subdivision and the coastal area management site plan at its Aug. 7, 2018 meeting, at the request of property owner George H. Ward, Trustee. Ward requested the subdivision to allow him to construct two houses on the property, in addition to the three existing houses, with the new houses also using the existing accessways.

The approval included a waiver for the width of the accessways to the rear lots, and for the shape of two of the four lots. There are three houses on the property and these houses are accessed by either rights of way or easements across neighboring properties, which date back more than a century.

The accessway to Old Field Lane is 10 to 16 feet wide and the one to Gulf Street is 15 to 20 feet wide, both narrower than the 25 feet required by Milford’s zoning regulations for rear lots.

On Aug. 29, 2018, Attorney Thomas Lynch filed suit to contest the board’s decision on behalf of Francis G. and Mona J. Luperella of 646 Gulf St., who own an adjacent property The lawsuit claims the board’s decision was “illegal, arbitrary and capricious” because it was contrary to the board’s subdivision regulations.

“The decision of the Board is contrary and inconsistent to the Milford Subdivision Regulations, in so far as it allows for creation of building lots without proper roadway access as prescribed by said regulations,” wrote Lynch in the appeal.

At the board’s Sept. 17 meeting, it is also expected to review an application to install a solar carport in the Milford Bank parking lot at 119 High St. The revised plans include a stormwater management system, one that has been approved by City Engineer Gregory H. Pidluski.

The bank submitted plans to install a solar carport along the fence line with the Milford Metro North Station on its 0.72-acre property located in the Milford Center Design District.

The proposed carport would be 250 feet wide and 22.5 feet deep and would cover about 24 parking spaces, leaving 17 spaces without a carport. The solar panels will be installed on steel columns resting on a brick pier with a 14.5 foot high minimum clearance on the lower side of the tilted panels.

Finally, an application for construction of a single-family home at 771 East Broadway in the R-5 zone was also bumped from the Sept. 3 to the Sept. 17 meeting.

Constance Kolakowski owns the vacant 0.09-acre parcel located a short distance from Silver Sands State Park. The project requires a coastal area site plan review for the new home, which will be built within the footprint of the former structure.