Property Transfers: Sept. 24

The following property transfers are copyrighted material previously published in the Commercial Record, a weekly trade paper. It is reprinted with permission from the publisher, The Warren Group,

58 Easy St, Marc C. and Catherine M. Alvarez to Laurel A. Ellson, $325,200.

19 Freemont Ave, Kelly C. and Ryan P. Stone to Beth A. Czar, $250,000.

24-26 Jones Ct, John and Marien Ivak to Hawar Ramadhan and Amina Salih, $370,000.

571 Orange Ave, Michael Donegan to Raymond E. Huber, $335,000.

391 Plains Rd, Stanley J. and Kristina Sawicki to Nicole J. Thompson, $225,000.

120 Pond Point Ave, FNMA to Robert Ross, $160,000.

85 Viscount Dr Unit 8c, Troy Mary C Est and Catherine Stjohn to Titus Boggon, $259,000.

2nd Ave, Marianne VanEtten T and Marianne E. Vanetten to Laura and David Speranzini, $285,000.

43 Salem Walk Unit 43, Jeffrey J. Scull to Paul J. and Linda V. Scull, $60,000.

121 Seemans Ln Unit 16, Daniel Verdejo to Mary and Matthew Migiano, $175,000.

Stowe Ave Lot 2, Standish Home Builders to Michael and Gail Caro, $150,000.

1215 Windward Rd Unit 1215, Nelson Ortiz and Catherine M. Iovino to Anahit Pivazyan and Bagrat Genosyan, $222,500.