Property Transfers: Oct. 1

The following property transfers are copyrighted material previously published in the Commercial Record, a weekly trade paper. It is reprinted with permission from the publisher, The Warren Group,

26 Baxter Ln, Throckmorton&Big J LLC to Charles Cornell, $245,000.

90 Berkeley Ter, Robert J. and Eileen A. Murro to Jeremy T. Kennard and Amber J. Mccartney, $290,000.

30 Dart Hill Rd, Knapp Frederick Est and Amy Martin to Robert and Kristin Castaldi, $395,000.

23 Dixon St, Collins Nina B Est and Noreen C. Beach to Mark R. Mccormack and Jill Collins, $160,000.

50 Eisenhower Dr, Sherri S. Cesare to William B. Laskin and Gerlaynn S. Renner, $650,000.

150 Forest Rd Unit 17, Colavito Frank Est and John Colavito to Barbara B. Mott, $270,000.

108 Foxwood Close Unit 108, Meghan Habansky to Jennifer and Michael F. Greene, $155,000.

34 Hale Ave, FNMA to Traci A. Obrien, $285,582.

2 Lee Ct, Sheila A. Bernard to Ryan Wrabel, $100,000.

370 Milford Point Rd, Megan L. Cipolla to Christopher and Sarah H. Bousquet, $374,900.

76 Regent Ter, Gillian Ginsberg and Eric Mongirdas to Maureen Seirup, $310,000.

32 Whitney Ave, Daniel J. and David P. Cipriano to Luis and Caitlin Dussan, $180,000.

2nd Ave, Marianne VanEtten T and Marianne E. Vanetten to Laura and David Speranzini, $285,000.

43 Salem Walk Unit 43, Jeffrey J. Scull to Paul J. and Linda V. Scull, $60,000.

121 Seemans Ln Unit 16, Daniel Verdejo to Mary and Matthew Migiano, $175,000.

Stowe Ave Lot 2, Standish Home Builders to Michael and Gail Caro, $150,000.

1215 Windward Rd Unit 1215, Nelson Ortiz and Catherine M. Iovino to Anahit Pivazyan and Bagrat Genosyan, $222,500.

160 Beach Ave, Stephanie Martino-Macleod to David Yanik, $350,000.

32 Bernadine St, Marion J. Olender to Dennis Gonzalez, $342,000.

570-574 Bridgeport Ave, David and Patricia Labas to LJ 2 LLC, $1,000,000.

222 Broad St, Dean S. Swanson to Isha Of Milford LLC, $615,000.

85 Cedarhurst Ln, Kenneth J. and Laurie J. Vigneault to Jessica Chow, $483,000.

42 Devonshire Rd, Daniel C. and Linda Dipietro to Deborah Spinola, $225,000.

198 Forest Rd, Sharon Hamilton to Sarala Nagala and Alexander Rosas, $365,000.

101 Foxwood Close Unit 101, Donald F. and Taryn F. Buckley to Brian Ciancancelli, $173,000.

155 Foxwood Close Unit 155, Deveau Barbara Est and Steven Deveau to Linda K. and Daniel C. Dipietro, $172,500.

137 Harvest Ln, Harvest Lane Builders LLC to Brian and Sabrina Kiluk, $549,900.

45 Hayes Dr, Patricia S. Woerner and Pamela P. Skudlarek to Astor Vance-Wade, $235,000.

21 Hemlock Dr, Margaret M. Connell to Joseph S. Richardson and Kilee 5thargo, $227,000.

142 Hill St, John R. and Susanne L. Depeano to Sarah Bowman, $278,000.

94 Kinlock Ter, Agnes H. Ash to Leon R. and Kirsten A. Othen, $335,000.

84 Mary Ellen Dr, Robert P. and Lori J. Mansfield to Julie S. and Kurt M. Sanwald, $257,000.

146 Meadowside Rd, Joshua and Darlene Sanner to Marissa Papallo, $260,000.

182 Milford Point Rd, Milford Point Properties to George and Arla Wiles, $175,000.

33 Morehouse Ave, Florina Merturi and Elisee Joseph to Adam W. Lucka, $72,500.

84 Platt St, Donna Kasowitz to Arnold Peterson and Sandi-Jo Galati, $640,000.

616 Popes Island Rd Unit 616, Eric Ravid to Susan E. Rowley, $280,000.

5 Salem Walk Unit 5, Carrie B. Canavan to Gary R. Baker, $188,000.

3 Shweky Beach Way Unit 3, Christopher Salder and Karrie E. Sadler to Teresa Kelton, $360,000.

26 Southwick Ct N Unit 26, Edward L Cioffi RET and Edward L. Cioffi to Margaret Daken, $290,000.

112 Trumbull Ave Unit 112, William Bucknall to Bruce S. and Lauren J. Perlstein, $970,000.

43 Village Rd, Mark H. Forgette and Renee Renzulli-Forgette to Susan A. Brown, $445,000.

842 W River St, Allison Ramirez to Patrice Dudley-Aviles, $750,000.

18 Yale Ave, Patrick K. Shouvlin to Margaret M. Connell, $254,000.