Property Transfers

The following property transfers are copyrighted material previously published in the Commercial Record, a weekly trade paper. It is reprinted with permission from the publisher, The Warren Group,

59 Ashburn Ln, Pujda Stephen J Jr Est and Deborah Puglia to Amanda M. Pujda, $222,400.

1000 Bridgeport Ave, Domenico and Elda Juliano to 1000 Bridgeport Ave LLC, $450,000.

37 Bristol Ter, Edward Blotney to Daniel Shields, $296,235.

288 Ford St, Gutrick Michael Est and Tinka Dailey to Jose F. Rios, $120,000.

73 Forest Rd Unit B, Lena U. Giangarra to George V. Gagliardi, $245,000.

623 Milford Point Rd, Deutsche Bk Natl T Co Tr to Medardo Roman, $123,800.

35 Overton Ave, Standish Construction LLC to Carlos F. Conceicao, $365,000.

275 Popes Island Rd Unit D18, Kew Mozayeny to Cynthia S. and William J. Thiel, $13,500.

447 Swanson Cres Unit 447, Matthew T. Ottaviano to Charles Prutting, $115,500.

41 Bird Ln, Marianne Blackman to Nydia Felix, $275,000.

64 Botsford Ave, Steven S. Lewis to William F. Zoufaly, $111,000.

11 Briggs Ct, Carol A. Brunn to Erin Pinsince, $162,500.

22 Camden St, Megan Lula and Erec Lawrie to Jeannine Pagnotta, $209,000.

54 Carriage Path S, Webster Bank NA to Michael C. and E A. Wielk, $80,000.

782 E Broadway, Bromley Frank L Est and Diana Bromley to Robert Ciochetti, $90,000.

Foxwood Condo N Unit 575, Danielle C. Sullivan to Robin Lilley, $135,000.

237 Foxwood Ln Unit 237, Richard G. and Joseph R. Roy to Michelle Terranova and Joseph R. Roy, $60,000.

41 Granville Ave, Woehlcke George J Est and Rita Woehlcke to Debbir Roos, $181,000.

596 Gulf St, Beard Robert D Est and James R. Beard to Leonard and Noreen Wisniewski, $1,000,000.

49 Ingersol Rd, Karen Edwards and William R. Brown to Bryan Anderson, $250,000.

27 Marble Ln, Clifford Platt to Maureen Sheedy, $52,000.

38 Marshall St, Ladamus George M Est and Brendan T. Canty to John Hall, $168,000.

1 Merwin Ave Unit B2, Malcolm A Head Jr RET and Malcolm H. Head to Stephen J. Courtney, $350,000.

132 Old Field Ln, William W. Graham to Jayson Streit, $258,000.

23 Oldroyd St, William L. Gerundo to Mathew Falzarano, $209,000.

33 Oyster Landing Rd, Raymond C. Johnson and Aaron M. Albert to Margaret H. and Robert J. Rogers, $85,000.

134 Popes Island Rd Unit 134, Joann and Richard Bilello to TCDC LLC, $356,000.

275 Popes Island Rd Unit C7, Alan P. and Alan Greene to Matthew Griswold, $60,000.

275 Popes Island Rd Unit C22, RM Slippery Holdings LLC to James Williams, $11,000.

16 Ross St, Rogers Patricia M Est and E S. Rogers to John E. Rogers, $130,000.

18 Sampson Ave, Milford Bank to Christopher Saley, $142,000.

57-59 Stevens St, M Pucci Luxury Homes LLC to Deborah C. and Stephen G. Phillips, $290,000.

965 W River St, Linda Stella to Shaila and Jayant Krish, $351,000.

68 W Rutland Rd, Stephanie Polzello to Alicia Hale, $267,000.