Property Transfers

The following property transfers are copyrighted material previously published in the Commercial Record, a weekly trade paper. It is reprinted with permission from the publisher, The Warren Group,


38 Goodchild St, Anthony F. and Cynthia J. Fedock to Mohammed Bari, $310,000.

39 Goodchild St, Karla and Fredrick Lusi to Carolyn B. Hartel, $338,000.

94 Governors Ave, Jennifer M. and Martin G. Oconnell to Sayumi T. and Boulos Harb, $430,000.

76 Grant St, Dorothy L. Fitzgerald to Donna M. Schultz-Folloni and David J. Follani, $178,500.

5 Grassy Ln, Angelique C. and John F. Tibbals to Christopher Hessberger, $274,500.

8 Green Meadow Rd, Jean E. and Fred J. Vegliante to Daniel J. Farrell and Amy L. Thomas, $359,500.

33 Greenwich Way Unit 33, Carolyn T. Falls to Kyleen Kolomick, $189,500.

41 Greenwich Way Unit 41, Alan J. and Donna L. Vinci to David Nathan and John Ezzo, $199,000.

50 Greenwich Way Unit 50, Michael P. and Laura A. Scanlon to Maureen Pasko, $198,000.

238 Grinnell St, Michael Varonka to Lauren H. and Brian P. Bogert, $202,000.

118 Gulf St Unit 20, Judith M. Duffy to Daniel P. Camera, $240,000.

463 Gulf St, Dennis Laferriere to Mary Davis, $1,025,000.

Hale Ave, Joseph Gelb to RDB Ent LLC, $75,000.

9 Hanover St, Sinde Candella to Mark Arcobello, $276,000.

50 Harborside Dr, Vicki A. and Robert E. Flanagan to Susan C. Fracker, $399,900.

50 Harborside Dr, Robert E. and Vicki A. Flanagan to Susan C. Fracker, $399,900.

102 Harkness Dr, Joan P. Trapp to Kara M. Scibelli and Michael J. Cote, $210,000.

36 Hawley Ave, ZMZ LLC to Ashley Timmer and Ari Zweiman, $1,300,000.

74 Hawley Ave, David G. and Joseph B. Hicks to Joseph P. Borer, $240,000.

87-89 Hawley Ave, Josune Azpiri and John E. Sudusky to Matthew C. Nash, $352,000.

80 Hickory Ave, Lori A. and Nathan C. Blair to Yvonne Streete, $325,000.

235 High St, Dianna and Robert S. Morton to Philip Zetye, $200,000.

247 High St, Mars Marion M Est and Denise E. Charney to Kerry and Nicholas Bate, $247,500.

306 High St, Donna C. Kustra to Skinner RM Ent Inc, $270,000.

306 High St, Skinner RM Ent Inc to Brian P. Skinner, $155,000.

83 Hill St Unit L, Stephen G. Nutter to Karen Covey, $167,500.

42 Holbrook St, Theresa P. Jensen to Genevieve and Peter F. Horbury, $145,500.

39 Hollywood Ave, Simon Eng to Susan and Paul Chevett, $335,000.

127 Home Acres Ave, Frederick E. and Glayds H. Katen to Joseph C. and Pamela E. Gill, $299,900.

127 Home Acres Ave, Gladys H. and Frederick E. Katen to Pamela E. and Joseph C. Gill, $299,900.

61 Housatonic Ave, Rosalie P. Bares to Danielle T. Huseman, $295,000.

68 Housatonic Ave, Roballey Props LLC to Shanna L. Rasmussen and Luigi V. Peronace, $240,000.

320 Housatonic Dr, Joanne M. and Guy Pascarella to Christopher Schod, $265,000.

10 Hubbell Pl, Kristen R. and Scott R. Worzel to Lori E. and Vladimir F. Simonovski, $307,000.

14 Indian Hill Rd, Peter Treppeda to Gary Treppeda, $100,000.

24 Innsbruck St, Kathleen A. and Mark Kuchta to Thomas H. and Cynthia C. Fonck, $270,000.

5 Jackson Dr Unit 5, Paula A. Foran to Marilyn Miller, $150,000.

41 Jackson Dr Unit 41, FHLM to James Tonelli and Christopher Lewis, $115,000.

39 Joanne Dr, Donald J. Bowers to Michael Defonzo and Heather Bowers, $280,000.

44 Joyce Ct, Carolyn H. Rosiak to Gretchen and Nelson T. Camp, $238,000.

138 Joyce Ct, Brian Elam to Tejo Banumulyo, $399,000.

69 Kay Ave, Elinor P. and Guillermo Gonzalez to Danielle R. and Michael P. Cadden, $257,000.

8 Kendall Green Dr Unit 8, Andrea B. Giordano to Irene H. and Fan Yang, $201,800.

124 Kings Hwy, Peter K. Underhill to Keith M. Sweeney, $310,000.

135 Kings Hwy, Patricia Maher to Edwin Krasenics and James Ochman, $200,000.

157-1/2 Kings Hwy Unit N, Carmine Perri to Susan J. Matyszyk, $160,000.

20 Knollwood Rd, Mary S. Percival to Todd M. Daniells, $246,000.

4 Kohary Dr, Ethel R. Field to Barbara and Lionel Arnal, $210,000.

Laurel Mnr Lot 92, Standish Home Builders to Standish Constr LLC, $97,000.

Laurel Mnr Lot 93, Standish Home Builders to Standish Constr LLC, $97,000.

Laurel Mnr Lot 94, Standish Home Builders to BAMF Homes Ltd, $97,000.

Laurel Mnr Lot 96, Standish Home Builders to BAMF Homes Ltd, $97,000.

40 Lawrence Ave, C M. and Carlos M. Texidor to Scott J. Rocchio, $289,000.

160 Lexington Way S, Lori Messana and Joseph F. Bracchitta to TTJ Wang FT and Shiyang Wang, $483,000.

7 Lucius Ct Unit 7, Judith E. and Robert M. Sinche to Philomena Arnone, $235,000.

37 Magnolia Rd, Kathleen M. Porter-magee and Marc B. Magee to Bhakti R. and Ranjit A. Bhave, $370,000.

171 Magnolia Rd, Darren W. Challey to Meredith and Stuart Zolty, $474,500.

202 Magnolia Rd, Christopher Hickmann to Gail B. Hammell, $463,000.

30 Maple St, Ada W. Lucke to Kristen L. Terry and Ryan J. Birge, $287,500.

145 Maplewood Ave, John Munroe to Dylan Bruno, $120,000.

Marion Ave, Standish Constr LLC to Laurent E. and Carol A. Bournival, $399,000.

79 Marion Ave, Standish Constr LLC to Nicole L. and Carol A. Bournival, $399,000.

12 Marsh St, Terry Parese to Marie and John Lucashuk, $270,000.

Masters Ln, Kristen M. and James J. Wrigley to Tracey J. and Michael Hoggatt, $450,000.

10 Matthews St, Sally and Sally B. Gill to Jerry J. Kell, $1,080.

47 Maxwell Dr, Lisa S. and Evan A. Arneth to Tiffany L. and Mark S. Valigorsky, $260,000.

189 Meadowside Rd, USA HUD to Alyson Schoenster, $158,046.

236 Meadowside Rd, Susan Masikiewicz to Justin C. Lund, $170,000.

48 Meetinghouse Ln, Jennifer Graham to Bethany S. and Albert E. Ayoub, $268,000.

101 Melba St, James A. Secondi to Albert P. Secondi, $300,000.

180 Melba St Unit 203, June Yates to Michael P. Rose, $215,000.

267 Melba St Unit 78, Kathleen L. Newman to Vanessa and Manuel Aranda, $173,000.

267 Melba St Unit 177, Donald J. Mccall to Elsie A. and David L. Hancock, $173,000.

22 Merlin Cir, Beatrice M. and Carl E. Osborne to Judith A. and John T. Mustakos, $300,000.

15 Merwin Ave, Suzanne S. Hecht to Mary Burke and Maurice Conroy, $580,000.

34 Merwin Ave, David B. Conway to Marjorie and Gary Drucker, $192,500.

69 Merwin Ave Unit 69, Terrence S. Rogers to Cathy K. and Lawrence J. Gramling, $485,000.

77 Merwin Ave Unit D, M S. and F A. Tredinnick to Felice M. Duffy and William M. Jawitz, $682,500.

130 Merwin Ave, Lufam Homes LLC to David Julian, $399,900.

544 Merwin Ave, Hudson City SB to Grace and Frederick M. Baranowsky, $265,000.

Michael Kivic Stiles St, Teresa A. Andria to Marcellus Adams, $450,000.

49 Midwood Rd, Gerald Garceau to Isabel and Delfin Reinoso, $365,000.

125 Midwood Rd, Rodolfo Padilla to Lisa Kelleher and Jakub Latusek, $226,000.

21 Milford Chase, Gigi M. and James E. Booth to Dawn and Brian Black, $530,000.

15 Milford Hunt Ln, Lori and Douglas Grabowski to Sridevi Tatavarty and Sreenivasa C. Gudlavalleti, $443,000.

42 Milford Hunt Ln, R&M Ent 42 Milford Hunt to Salamino J. Kornish and Jenifer Salamino, $480,000.

55 Milford Hunt Ln, Melissa and Michael Mcgarry to Renato P. Rullo and Diana Lopusny, $455,000.

666 Milford Point Rd, Rita R. and Norman D. Greninger to Nicholas P. Palko, $172,000.

Mills Ave, Marilyn S. Miller to Toni N. Cianciullo, $172,000.

40 Mills Ave, Isabella and Edward Vysman to Kiriaki and Dennis P. Kokenos, $195,000.

22 Minuteman Dr, Verona Lewis to Jessica L. and Michael J. Meier, $289,000.

94 Monroe St, Michael J. Palmieri to Kristyn and Michael Liebelt, $225,000.

5 Mont St, Randy S. and Arnold J. Trezza to James and Donna Mallico, $202,500.

58 Morning Mist Rd, Kevin M. Beck to Lee M. Rocco, $231,500.

93 Morning Mist Rd, Sallie A. and Charles J. Mccarthy to Robert Barber, $216,000.

12 Morrell Ave, Inger-lise Holen to Colin P. Spillane, $280,000.

Myrtlewood Dr, Kristen M. and James J. Wrigley to Tracey J. and Michael Hoggatt, $450,000.

Ne Industrial Park Lot 16, Matrix Assoc LLC to First Garden Dev LP, $260,000.

Ne Industrial Park Lot 17, Matrix Assoc LLC to First Garden Dev LP, $260,000.

Ne Industrial Park Lot 18, Matrix Assoc LLC to First Garden Dev LP, $260,000.

54 Naugatuck Ave, Walnut Beach LLC to Naugatuck Ave Real Estate, $385,000.

475 Naugatuck Ave, Patty P. Gilman to Lora Rzepko, $180,000.

1025 Naugatuck Ave, Neil C Collins Sr RET and Neil C. Collins to Carol A. and Robert J. Esposito, $210,000.

56 Nells Rd, Jonathan Demartino to Marissa Ruotolo, $244,000.

629 New Haven Ave, Ihar Minko to Joseph W. Summa and Brian J. Clemente, $270,000.

1070 New Haven Ave Unit 78, Gerardo Malagisi to Malandra Garcia, $141,000.

1080 New Haven Ave Unit 85, Jane H. Stone to Joseph Derenzo, $63,700.

55 Noble Ave, Janice H. Sauchuk and Michael D. Ramprashad to Bausch E. Mandel and Cory Bausch, $355,000.

88 Noble Ave Unit C, Jewels Props LLC to 88 Noble Avenue LLC, $400,000.

502 North St, Milford Bank to Ann and David S. Chesler, $275,000.

Norway St, Barbara J. Smith to Barbara A. Ferrigno, $220,000.

28 Norway St, Barbara T. and Mark R. Winkler to Dana M. Garrow, $220,000.

33 Norway St, Sharon Flores to Michael Holub and John Fields, $218,000.