President Biden samples UConn Dairy Bar’s ice cream after all — and even takes some home

STORRS — It turns out, President Joe Biden sampled some of UConn Dairy Bar’s ice cream after all — and even brought home leftovers, a White House spokesperson confirmed Saturday.

During his visit to the University of Connecticut on Friday, Biden and former U.S. Sen. Chris Dodd had some of the special batch of chocolate chip ice cream — the president’s favorite flavor — before the dedication of the Dodd Center for Human Rights, the White House spokesperson said.

Biden even brought home leftovers, which are being stored in the basement of the White House’s West Wing, the spokesperson said.

Stephanie Reitz, a spokesperson for UConn, had said Friday the president did not get to try the Dairy Bar’s ice cream. On Saturday, Reitz said it was “great news” when she heard Biden was given the ice cream, but she was unable to clarify why it was initially believed he didn’t receive it.

“We’re all very happy he had the chance to take home some of the pride of UConn,” Reitz said.

The dairy bar opened in 1953 and sells products made by the creamery, which is part of the university’s College of Agriculture, Health and Natural Resources.