Potchney moves on

Seven short months after accepting the position of Finance Director for the Amity Regional School District, Andrew Potchney has tendered his resignation.

Barely a month into his position he revealed a two-year, $2.25 million deficit.

Citing difficulties with board members and having too many bosses Potchney explained why he was leaving..

"Basically, I don't agree with a lot of their decisions," he said.

He also expressed frustration with the high number of people he was accountable to.

"Who do I report to? The first selectmen, the chairs of the Boards of Finance? It's difficult to get anything done," he said.

The Woodbridge resident said he is taking a part-time position in the Guilford school system.

Potchney said the "last straw" was the November Amity Board of Education meeting when his request for an Assistant Finance Director was tabled because members decided they needed to get approval from the first selectmen and finance members before approving the position.

"This board is not making decisions. That's not how I work," he said.

Potchney also pointed out that he feels the board is not thinking through financial decisions.

Such as the $41,000 to finish out former Superintendent of Schools Dr. Rolfe Wenner's contract, the additional $47,000 for the interim superintendent, an additional projected $50,000 to search for a new superintendent and an undetermined amount for the school expansion project.

He also believed that Wenner was treated unjustly.

"He (Wenner) was unfairly treated. Maybe some of it was his fault but certainly not all of it," he said referring to Wenner being forced out of his position to get the budget referendum passed.

Potchney said he had hoped to stay at Amity until he retired but just can't take the frustration that comes with the job.