Police warn of phone scam

Residents are urged, once again, to watch out for phone scams.
The Milford Police Department is investigating a scam reported by a Milford resident and is cautioning others not to fall for the same tricks.

On Sept. 28, a Milford resident was contacted by a man who identified himself as an agent from the Drug Enforcement Agency.
The caller told the victim that the agency had recently seized a package with the victim’s name and address on it from a raid they had conducted. In lieu of being arrested, the man told the victim he could pay a fine and would need to send money. The victim sent $500 via Western Union to a man in the Dominican Republic as instructed to do.
The victim informed police he had purchased prescription drugs online in the past, which is a common theme among other victims of this type of scam.
The DEA has this extortion scam listed on its website and urges victims to contact their agency and police if someone calls them claiming to be from the DEA or other law enforcement agencies requesting money.
Police are providing the following tips for residents.
Do not respond to any phone calls, mail or emails that are unsolicited which appear suspicious in nature.
Check the phone number via the Internet to see if other complaints have been made regarding that number.
Be wary of people who ask for funds via money wiring services.
Report any suspicious incidents to the Police Department.
For further information regarding this scam, visit dea.gov and view Extortion Scam Alert or call 877-792-2873.