Police say man threatened Ford employees with explosive device

A Milford man was arrested after he reportedly threatened to hurt employees of Stevens Ford with an explosive device, which police later found in his home.

Police responded to Stevens Ford on Bridgeport Avenue Dec. 6 and were told that on Dec. 1 Richard Dunn, 52, of  80 Berwyn St., had been fired from his position at the dealership. Then, on Dec. 5, while picking up his final paycheck, Dunn reportedly made statements about harming other employees using an explosive device.

While officers were taking a statement from a Stevens Ford employee, Dunn showed up at the dealership claiming he needed an oil change.

Officers spoke with Dunn regarding his threat and ultimately committed Dunn for a psychiatric evaluation. Police searched Dunn’s vehicle but found no weapons or explosive device.

Dunn was later taken into custody and charged for the threat he made Dec. 5.

Later in the evening, during a search of Dunn’s residence, police found a homemade explosive device, described as an M-80 type explosive with BB’s glued around it, police said. Also found were several BB guns, an electronic defense weapon, knives and swords, and a bow and arrow.

The State Police Bomb Squad arrived on the scene and took control of the explosive device. “Dunn is a convicted felon which prohibits him from possessing any weapon,” police said in a prepared statement. “Detectives working on the case will be moving forward with pursuing additional charges for these offenses.”

Dunn was charged with threatening and breach of peace. Additional charges are pending.

Dunn was held on a $25,000 bond to appear in Milford Court on Dec. 7.