Police say alleged threats against high school were untrue

Milford police say they will have an increased police presence at Jonathan Law High School this week in response to alleged threats made on social media, but they also said reports of threats against the school were untrue.

“In response to the information alleged in social media posts, text messages, and conversations that referenced threats to the safety of students and staff at Jonathan Law High School, a joint investigation commenced involving school and law enforcement officials,” Milford police and school officials said in a joint press release.

Members of the Jonathan Law High School administration, Milford Police Department’s Juvenile and Computer Crime Divisions and the Milford Public Schools have been collectively working together to address concerns.

“After countless hours of investigation, all claims have been disproved and found to be false. In other words, not a single claim has been substantiated,” police and school officials said. “It has been determined that the information shared on social media was not based on fact.”

Police ask residents to refrain from sharing false information as this causes unnecessary alarm.

“Going forward, any student or parent who has first-hand knowledge that affects the safety and security of the school community is encouraged to report it to the school administrators and the Milford Police Department,” police and school officials said.