Police say all-terrain vehicles damaging city's open space

The Milford Police Department is investigating a recent increase in activities involving all-terrain vehicles and other motor vehicles trespassing in wooded areas of large parcels of open space and private property in the Northern section of the City of Milford.

The open space parcel of land commonly referred to as the “Solomon Property”, is land owned by the city which has been designated as a passive recreational area for citizens to enjoy the walking trails and wildlife, local police said in a prepared press release.
“Vehicles are gaining access through areas off Wolf Harbor Road and West River Street, causing considerable damage to the wooded areas,” police said. “The Milford Police Department has increased patrols and surveillance, resulting in photos of vehicles and motorcycles operating in these areas.”
People found operating vehicles in these areas in violation of City of Milford ordinances and state laws may be subjected to fines and arrest.
Police are working with a private land owner, who will be placing additional barricades and no trespassing signs to reduce access to the areas.