Poet laureate teaches poetry to Milford students

Seventh grade students in the enrichment program at East Shore Middle School recently had a special visitor – Milford’s Poet Laureate Mick Theebs – who gave a lesson on the craft of poetry.

Theebs, himself a product of the Milford Public Schools, graduated from Northeastern University in Boston with a degree in English. In 2016, he was named Milford’s first Poet Laureate and has served the community in numerous ways since then.

Wednesday’s lesson was about the craft of writing, with Theebs providing an ‘insider’s view’ of how he approaches his writing tasks and then read some of his original pieces to them.  As part of the hour-long lesson, he gave students a writing prompt, with a 10-minute timeframe in which they were to write their own original pieces.

The subject he posed to the class was: “Change. First I was. Now I am.”

Students then shared their resulting pieces with their classmates. Theebs’ message resonated with the students.

“One thing you have to remember about writing – or any kind of artistic field – is that it’s risky business. It’s risky to put your thoughts and feelings out there sometimes. But if it’s in you – and it’s authentic – you have to do it,” he said.