Plaskon sentenced to 25 years for killing Maren Sanchez

UPDATE: Christopher Plaskon, who in March entered a plea of no contest in the 2014 stabbing death of fellow student Maren Sanchez in the hallway of Jonathan Law High School in Milford, was sentenced to 25 years in prison during his sentencing Monday. (Check back later for details on Monday's sentencing)

Earlier article: Under a no contest plea, the defendant neither accepts nor denies responsibility for the act, but agrees to accept the punishment.

The maximum sentence for murder in Connecticut is 60 years, Judge John Ronan said during court proceedings in March.

With the plea, Plaskon’s attorneys have said he could be paroled and out of jail in 13 years.

Plaskon originally entered a plea of not guilty to a charge of murder, and his lawyers previously said they expected the plea would be based on one of three forms of an insanity defense.

In March, Plaskon’s attorney Edward Gavin explained that under the plea agreement, Plaskon receives the minimum sentence and remains under the jurisdiction of the corrections department. If he been proven not guilty by reason of insanity, a psychiatric review board would have maintained jurisdiction over him and could have maintained custody for an indeterminate amount of time. With the plea, because of Plaskon’s age, he could be eligible for parole in 15 years — 13 when counting the two years he has already served at the Manson Youth Institute in Cheshire, Gavin said.

Gavin said Plaskon will likely remain at the Manson Youth Institute until he is 21 or 22 and then be transferred to an adult facility.

Sources said Plaskon stabbed Maren in a stairwell at Jonathan Law High School on the morning of April 25, 2014, because she was not going to the prom with him. There have been subsequent reports that Plaskon heard voices, and that he had been struggling with mental health issues.

Also according to documents, a friend told police that Plaskon had implied he wanted to hurt Maren because he wanted to be more than just friends with her and he wanted to take her to the prom, but she was seeing someone else.

Plaskon is due in court Monday at 10 a.m. The Sanchez family is expected to submit a statement at the sentencing.