Plaskon heard voices, wanted to be more than friends with Maren

Christopher Plaskon, who is accused of stabbing fellow high school student Maren Sanchez to death last April, said he heard voices and that is the reason he stabbed Maren, according to court documents released Tuesday.

Also according to documents, a friend told police that Plaskon had implied he wanted to hurt Maren because he wanted to be more than just friends with her and he wanted to take her to the prom, but she was seeing someone else.

According to the friend, Plaskon said he “wouldn’t mind if (Maren) was dead or hit by a bus.”

Plaskon appeared in court Tuesday, Dec. 15, and his case was continued to Jan. 28, when lawyers on both sides are expected to discuss psychiatric reports and other evidence in the case. Judge Frank Iannotti said the case will go to trial in the next few months, unless both sides come to a plea agreement.

Plaskon has pled not guilty to a charge of murder in the stabbing death of Maren Sanchez on April 25, 2014, in a stairwell at Jonathan Law High School. The murder took place on the day of the junior prom. Plaskon’s lawyers have said his plea would be based on one of three forms of insanity.

In court documents released Tuesday, Plaskon’s parents told police their son had a “significant history dealing with mental health issues as a child.” He was treated on and off for several years, the documents state.

Plaskon’s parents also said their son had mood swings and possibly depression several months preceding the murder.

“Mr. Plaskon also indicated that his son had recently appeared to be bothered by the fact that he was turned down by a female to attend the high school prom,” court records state.

Christopher’s father dropped him and his younger brother at school the morning of the murder and, according to documents, said Christopher appeared to be in good spirits.

Police confiscated cell phones, computers, a backpack, and other material as they gathered information over the past year and a half since the murder.

Police also subpoenaed at least one letter that Plaskon wrote to his father, plus a recording of a phone conversation he had with his mother during his incarceration.

In the letter Plaskon wrote to his father, he said “he hears voices and that is the reason why he did it,” according to court documents.