Plans to purchase six acres of land at 130-150 Boston Post Road to construct a new headquarters for the Milford Police Department moved a step closer to happening, following unanimous Planning and Zoning Board (P&Z) 8-24 approval at its Dec. 20 meeting.

The Board of Aldermen is expected to discuss the proposal at its Jan. 9 meeting, which will include agreeing to a price for the purchase. The P&Z action was an administrative recommendation to move forward with the purchase, which falls under Connecticut General Statutes 8-24.

City Attorney Jonathan Berchem told the P&Z that a lot line adjustment needs to be made as part of the purchase. Berchem said the Board of Finance approved bonding for the project at its Dec. 19 meeting, a measure that the aldermen will consider in January.

Bercham said the Police Station Building Committee looked at many sites, before voting unanimously in favor of this one. The committee vote took place on Nov. 18, following a visit to the site. Bercham said construction of a new police station “has been in the [city’s] capital improvement plan for 20 years.”

The properties are owned by Jordan Realty LLC of Milford, which lists James R. Beard as member. They are both in the Corridor Design Development District 1 (CDD-1), and have been used to park trucks.

The potential city purchase would involve 3.5 acres of vacant land at 130 Boston Post Road, and a 2.5-acre portion of the 12.5-acre property at 150 Boston Post Road.

The city assessor valued the property at 130 Boston Post Rd. at $1,152,900 in 2013. The full 12.5-acre property at 150 Boston Post Road was valued at $2,334,680 in 2013. This property is mostly vacant, but has a 1,000 square foot building that houses a small car wash.

Once the Board of Aldermen approves the project, which it is expected to do, then the building committee would need to return to the P&Z for site plan approval of the proposed building.