Planning and Zoning Board votes to deny Pond Point development application

UPDATE: The Planning and Zoning Board voted Thursday night to deny an application to build a housing development on Pond Point Avenue. Check back later for further details on the vote.

Earlier story: The attorney representing the developer of a controversial Pond Point Avenue housing development got so angry about comments a state senator made that she withdrew a previous offer to sell the land to the city or land trust, if either is interested.

Attorney Danielle Bercury, representing Pond Point Avenue property owner Colberg LLC, said written comments that State Sen. Gayle Slossberg entered into the record of a Planning and Zoning Board hearing were “slanderous” and an “attempt to get votes.”

Bercury noted that she had said earlier that the owner would consider selling the land if the city or other entity wanted to buy it.

But last week she said that it is no longer an option.

The owner will take direction from the Planning & Zoning Board “and then we will build this project,” Bercury said.

The plan has been filed under the 8-30g affordable housing law, which gives developers the upper hand in gaining approval for a project.

Residents packed several meetings to protest the plan, primarily based on traffic and water run-off issues in the area.

Slossberg spoke at both meetings, pointing out deficiencies in the owner’s application under the affordable housing law. She submitted her comments in writing to Bercury and the P&Z board Wednesday.

Bercury refuted most of the written comments and said she took particular offense at Slossberg’s final comment, in which Slossberg suggested the owner is taking advantage of the city and the housing laws.