PierPressure party boat hits Milford’s high seas in June

MILFORD — PierPressure, a pedal-powered party on the water, will hit the high seas next month.

The party boat that, according to owner Colin Caplan, could soon become Milford’s most popular summer activity, will have its maiden voyage on June 1 after a ribbon-cutting event.

“We are already booked for half of the season,” said Caplan.

Caplan said the company, Pedal Cruise CT, has a four-to-five-month window to be on the water, starting in June. The ribbon-cutting is scheduled for 11:30 a.m., and the maiden voyage on the PierPressure is scheduled for 12:30.

“The launch is our official way of saying that we are open,” said Caplan. “We’ve geared the event to be a celebration of Milford.”

A month before the official launch, the Pedal Cruise team is preparing to be ready by June.

“We’ve got captains and first mates being trained. We are taking care of all the little details that people don’t see,” said Caplan. “We want to make sure we have the safest and most fun out on the water together.”

Pedal Cruise is under the Taste of New Haven umbrella, which Caplan started 11 years ago doing walking tours, then transitioned to a party bike. When his team started to hear people wanted to be on the water, they decided to bring a party boat to the area.

“We had our eyes set on different harbors, but the City of Milford, they’ve really been supportive of all of our ventures over the years,” he said. “From the party bike to supporting anything local like charities, the library, and any event that is going on in Milford. They were excited to bring a party boat to Milford Harbor.”

Caplan said they have put an immense effort into finding and putting a strong staff so people can enjoy themselves while on the boat.

“They are going to be committed to the boat and this operation, but they are going to be really great on customer service,” he said. “Our main thing is safety. Having the ability to be safe is on the forefront of our planning. If we are safe, then the fun can happen.”

Safety will dictate the planned route of the boat. When there is good weather, the plan is to get out to the Long Island Sound from Milford Harbor, see Silver Sands Beach and Charles island and come back to the harbor.

“If there is a lot of wind, or it’s a wavy day, to make the experience comfortable for everyone else, we can easily shorten that route and stay within the safety of Milford Harbor,” said Caplan. “People will not lose the experience with the shorter route. Milford Harbor is extremely fun.”