Pickleball demonstration in Milford Tuesday

There is a relatively new sport in Southern Connecticut, and it’s called Pickleball.

A United States of America Pickleball Association, or USAPA, can found on the internet at www.usapa.org.

This unique sport will be demonstrated at the Parsons Complex Gymnasium on Tuesday, March 26, from 10 a.m. to noon by USAPA Pickleball Ambassador, Diane Sullivan.

Sullivan is a certified tennis pro who became interested in Pickleball when she saw how fun and easy it is to learn.  This demonstration is designed to elicit interest among locals in starting a Pickleball program in Milford this Spring/Summer.

The game, which can be played indoors or outdoors on a 20’ by 44’ court (about 1/3 the size of a tennis court), with portable net stands and removable lines is easy and fun to play, recreation officials said.

The net height is 34”, and the ball is a slow moving whiffle ball hit with paddles. Scoring is similar to table tennis, with some exceptions.  Players get one underhand serve, returning it after the bounce. Once each side has returned the ball, play continues as in tennis, with players permitted to play the ball in the air (volley).

Pickleball is a very popular sport with seniors in the Southwest and Southeast U.S. and it is coming right up the East Coast.

The late Harriette Racz, who lived in the Wanut Beach area for many years, actually played Pickleball with friends in Milford about a dozen years ago.

The game is gaining popularity with all age groups because it is easy to play and allows young and old of various skill levels to play together.  It is estimated the sport has about 100,000 players in the United States.

For more information contact Rich Minnix at 203-783-3387 or rminnix@ci.milford.ct.us