Photo Submission Guide

Photos are welcome, accompanying articles, announcements and obituaries. Digital files are preferred as high-resolution JPEGs, generally 300 dpi. Hard copies may also be dropped off or mailed to the news office and will be returned if a self-addressed, stamped envelope is provided.

Photos must be sharp, clear, well-exposed (not too dark or too light). We prefer color photos, but black-and-white is acceptable. All people in the pictures should be identified with accompanying captions. Please avoid sending pictures of large numbers of people --20 or more -- because these rarely get published. The best pictures are of one to four people, taken close-up.

If you are doing a publicity picture, try to think of something pictorially interesting. Be creative. Don’t take a picture of the pancake breakfast planning committee standing against the wall or sitting around a table; have members doing something, such as flipping pancakes, making decorations, or hanging lights. Often, using an unusual angle can liven up an otherwise ordinary photo. If you need suggestions, call the news staff.

Avoid pictures of people passing checks or signing documents, especially proclamations. Avoid shots of people holding up signs, posters, banners, or trophies. Avoid pictures with loads of people in them — have no more than five people in a photo.

When photographing something, get in as close as possible. Shoot from four or five feet at the most.

For announcements of individual achievements, take his or her portrait. All we need is the head and shoulders.

Some events, such as church fairs, are yearly. Plan ahead; take lots of pictures at this year’s fair so you or your successors will have publicity shots for next year’s advance stories.

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