Peck students score interviews with candidates

ORANGE - When Cassie Madigan and Gabrielle Aiardo learned of the Scholastic Press Corps Kids Press they both said they decided to enter the competition. To apply they had to explain why they would make a good reporter and write a 400-word story about what makes their state so great. And they were tickled to death when they were chosen. Only four students in the state were chosen. Last year Katherine Forbes, also a Peck Place student was chosen.

"This is quite an honor," Peck Place School Principal Al deCant said. "They are the most wonderful young ladies," he added smiling.

Cassie's assignment was to attend the rally for presidential hopeful Barack Obama. She and her parents went to the rally at the XL Center in Hartford.

"My parents and I waited for a couple hours with the press before going in," she said.

While inside Cassie said she went around the room interviewing people.

"I asked them what would make a good president and what characteristics Barack has over Hillary (Clinton)," Cassie said.

Gabrielle had a similar assignment. She had to go to the Yale Child Study Center in New Haven.

"I waited around with my parents. I asked why Hillary would made a good president and what the attendees did on campus," Gabrielle said.

The young ladies received long-sleeve red polo shirts which identified them as press along with an official press pass and reporter notebooks.