Patriot Driving School celebrates grand opening

From left, Mayor Ben Blake, Owner Chris Boccarossa, Jack Bruno and Gary Mullin perform the ribbon cutting ceremony.

From left, Mayor Ben Blake, Owner Chris Boccarossa, Jack Bruno and Gary Mullin perform the ribbon cutting ceremony.

The Patriot Driving School marked its grand opening with a ribbon cutting celebration and driver training program prices. Family, friends, community members and elected officials attended the festive luncheon event and kickoff welcoming the new business into town.

“This is another vibrant business,” said Milford Mayor Blake. “We have a lot of businesses moving in, we have a 96 percent occupancy rate in Milford, it’s really the gold standard for the State of Ct. We are outpacing all other towns and cities across Connecticut and we continue to have businesses move into Milford every day, 450 moved in this past year. We are growing steadily.”

The Patriot Driving School, 226 Bridgeport Avenue, offers “complete driving education for all.” “At Patriot Driving School we are concerned with the methods and materials needed to put better, safer drivers on our roads,” said Stephen Boccarossa, co- owner. “Our 30 hours of classroom instruction and 8 hours of behind-the wheel training will offer your student the experience of learning firsthand the rules of the road. These lessons are important in today’s fast paced, automobile-oriented society.”

“Jack Bruno originally owned the driving school (Connecticut Driving Institute) and sold it to someone else and then we bought it,” explained co-owner and manager Chris Boccarossa. “We are a family business, we also own Boccarossa Insurance next door. We like the work Jack has done and believe it’s important that teens learn to drive safely. We look forward to servicing the community.” The Boccarossa’s revamped the school’s interior and bought two new cars.

“When they told me they were going to open the school, I came out of retirement to help them because I have over 25 years of experience and taught more than 5,000 people to drive last count,” said Bruno. “Their prices are really fantastic and I’m glad to help them get going. They offer the 30 hours of class, 8 hours behind the wheel instruction and also the safe driving 8 hour course (drug and alcohol) which they’ll also hold for adults on weekends.”

The team at Patriot Driving School explained they provide, “an environment where students learn safe driving. We are equipped with well trained and licensed instructors. We offer affordable education to equip students for the road. Our mission and goal for each and every student is to be a safe driver on the road. We equip students with education integrated with moral and ethical values. Driving on the road is a privilege, not a right. Understanding this thought enables us to share the responsibility of driving. Our instructors are well trained and licensed with the driver ed program. Each instructor connects with the students in providing education and training practices both in class and behind the wheel.

“There are significant financial benefits for successfully completing this course as well. Depending on the terms of your insurance policy, your child can save 10-25 percent on premium costs every year until he/she is 21 or 25 years of age.”

“Behind-the Wheel driving sessions are scheduled after the completion of 30 hours of classroom instruction. We are very flexible when scheduling the 8-hour Behind the Wheel instruction and offer the lowest prices around.”

Also in attendance was local business owner James Maroney, owner of First Choice College Placement who is currently running for State Senate. “It’s a great thing to have more businesses open under Mayor Blake,” he said. We have had a number of businesses open in this city; Milford is a great place to do business. We have a tremendous location with I-95 and the train and the Merritt Parkway. Businesses like this, similar to mine - where we work with students are great. The more we can work together the better off we all are.”

“On behalf of the Chamber of Commerce, we are very excited to have this driving school back in business here in Devon and we look forward to helping in the years to come,” added Gary Mullin, Executive Director.

“Congratulations,” said Blake. “We have a vibrant and growing business platform in Devon, this adds to that vibrancy so we wish you many years of safe driving and success and look forward to partnering with you for many years to come.” Call 203.283.9153 for more information.