Patio stones being reset at city marina downtown

Work is being done at the Head of the Harbor to level the patio surface where residents often gather to eat ice cream or just look at the harbor and the boats.

Ray Swift, operations director at the Lisman Landing Marina, said the patio stones that cover the surface will be re-set and back in place by May 1.

The marina office and grounds were built over what was once a sewage treatment plant. Because there was a lot of fill placed in the area when the marina was built, the patio stones are sometimes uneven because of ground settling below.

So the Harbor Management Commission and city recently agreed to have the stones lifted, and then the ground below will be backfilled before the stones are set back into place.

Swift talked to city aldermen about the project at a recent board meeting. He said over the years staff at the marina has lifted the stones and backfilled as needed, but he said it was time to redo and level the entire area.