Party majority switches on Planning & Zoning Board: Dems now in control

The Democrats turned the tables on the Planning & Zoning Board with Tuesday’s election. The Republicans had held that board with an 8-2 majority the last two years. Now, the Democrats take a 6-4 majority.

Incumbent Republicans Mark Bender, who had been the board chairman, and Edward Mead lost their seats to Democrats Carl Moore and Jim Quish.

In the first district, Thomas Nichol (R) beat Raymond Arnold (D) 1227 to 1153.

In District 2, Michael Dolan (D) beat Ronald Goldwyn (R) 1189 to 819.

In District 3, Jim Quish (D) beat Edward Mead 1052 to 970.

In District 4, Carl Moore (D) beat Mark Bender (R) 1162 to 1148.

And in District 5, Terrence Copeland (D) beat William Farrell (R) 1323 to 1290.