P&Z postpones application for Raton Drive brewery

The Planning and Zoning Board postponed until its Dec. 5 meeting the public hearing for a proposed brewing operation with an associated pub and patio at 100 Raton Drive. Tribus Beer of Milford has applied to the P&Z for a special exception for a brewery with a pub and patio.

The board postponed the hearing at the applicant’s request because the board had only six members at the Nov. 8 meeting with three members out sick and another not available that evening. Sulkis explained that special exception applications require at least seven members to be present.

The meeting started with the board unanimously electing Carl S. Moore as its temporary chairman for the meeting due to the absence of Chairman Scott Marlow and Vice Chairman Jim Quish.

When Moore announced that the Tribus hearing was postponed, a woman in the audience called out loudly several times, asking him to name the absent board members. The last time she made the request, Moore said if she continued, he could have her removed from the auditorium.

Later on in the meeting, Sulkis named the four absent members, who were Marlow, Quish, John Grant, and Richard Varrone.