P&Z extends hearing on proposed microbrewery to Nov. 21

Those looking to enjoy some suds at a local microbrewery will have to wait a little while longer, as the public hearing for the proposed brewing operation with an associated pub and patio at 100 Raton Drive has been extended to the Planning and Zoning Board’s (P&Z) Nov. 21 meeting at 7:30 p.m. at City Hall.

Tribus Beer of Milford has applied to the P&Z for a special exception for a brewery with a pub and patio.

At the board’s Nov. 8 meeting, Attorney Thomas Lynch said he was hired by Tribus Beer the previous day to present its application. Lynch asked the board to continue the public hearing to Nov. 21. He said the architect and traffic engineer, who were not available for the Nov. 7 meeting, would make a presentation on Nov. 21.

“We have heard there are some concerns with neighbors in the area,” said Lynch.

He said the brewmasters for Tribus are currently with “another brewery in the area.” Lynch said the special exception is to allow the brewery to have a tasting room and to sell beer on the property.

The building was formerly used by a fiber optic company and the building would be renovated, but there would be no new construction, said Lynch, adding that there are numerous industrial uses in the area.

Lynch invited residents to comment directly on the project to the owners, saying, “If the neighbors have concerns, my clients are willing to meet them in the foyer.”

Board Chairman Scott Marlow agreed to Lynch’s request to hold off on public comment until the architect and traffic engineer present the application. When Marlow suspended the public hearing, about 10 people left the auditorium to speak with the owners in the City Hall lobby.

The 2.28-acre property is located near the cul de sac on Raton Drive, which is off Plains Road, north of West Rutland Road. The property is zoned light industrial and has a 15,000 square foot building that is a warehouse with an office. Best Buddies LLC is the property owner. Howard Greenspan of Fairfield is the manager of that LLC.

The company’s Facebook page states that the facility would have a tap room and beer garden with food trucks providing food.

“Our taproom boasts brand new stainless steel tanks, hand-finished furniture, a 25+ seated bar top, TVs, and games,” states the website announcement.