P&Z approves two resubdivisons

The Planning and Zoning Board (P&Z) voted unanimously at its Oct. 4 meeting to approve two resubdivision applications that will create two parcels out of one on each of the two properties.

The board approved a two-lot resubdivision of a 1.5-acre property at 1191 New Haven Avenue, which is located near Chapel Street and almost backs onto Kerry Court. The front portion of the property currently has a single-family home on it. The property is zoned R-12.5. The approval is contingent upon a favorable report from the Police Commission, which has not yet reviewed the application.

Property owners Cathy Kitko and Arthur Viola plan to construct a single-family home on the new lot. Katherine Lutz is the contract purchaser, said Attorney Thomas Lynch, who presented the application. She is the wife of board member Richard Lutz, who recused himself from hearing the presentation and voting on the subdivision.

The Zoning Board of Appeals unanimously granted a variance at its Aug. 9 meeting for a rear lot width because the property is only 126 feet wide in one area and the zone requires the width to be a minimum of 150 feet. Five residents told the ZBA they were in favor of the variance request.

Lynch said the property beyond that narrow point widens to 200 feet. Lynch said the rear lot is 1.06 acres, which is more than the minimum one-acre requirement for a rear lot. The property will be accessed by a 25-foot wide accessway to New Haven Avenue.

In other business, the board also approved a two-lot resubdivision on Hilldale Court for a 0.46-acre vacant lot at the corner of Hillandale Road, creating two lots that are 0.23-acres each. Property owner Robert Boynton plans to construct a single-family home with a garage on each parcel. The property is zoned R-10.

Finally, an existing 2.500 sq. ft. house built in 1910 will be torn down and replaced with a new house at 61 Shell Ave., following unanimous P&Z approval. Neil and Susan Schiff received coastal area site plan approval for the 0.28-acre property. they plan to construct a 4,000 sq. ft. house. The approval is contingent upon the plans meeting approval from the city’s engineering and public works departments.

The board left tabled two proposals for zone changes submitted by applicants. One proposal is seeking to change regulations calculating how the heights of houses in single-family homes are measured. The other proposal is seeking to allow electronic billboards in the ICD and ID zones along I-95.