P&Z approves 15 apartments on Meadowside Road

The Planning and Zoning Board voted 8-1 at its May 21 meeting to approve the site plan for a 15-unit apartment project at 25 Meadowside Road.
The board included the following conditions in its approval, as recommended by City Planner David B. Sulkis: install a six-foot high vinyl fence along the property line with all neighboring properties, update the landscaping plan to add trees along the property line with 31 Meadowside Road, and remove the conifer at the corner property line with 31 Meadowside Road and replace it with a new tree.
The board conducted a public hearing on the proposal April 16. The project includes five units designated for rent at below-market rates under the state’s affordable housing law, 8-30(g).
Since only six members were present at the April 16 meeting, the board did not vote on the project because those present wanted more in attendance before voting. All 10 members were at the May 7 meeting, but one still had not watched the meeting video, and wanted time to see it, hence the postponement to May 21.
Prior to his vote against the project, board member Robert Satti said, “I still have my concerns about 8-30g projects.”
During a break in the May 7 meeting, developer Angelo Lisi said he is working on other projects, and did not plan to start construction on this project until the end of 2019.
Compared to similar projects, which have garnered vocal opposition from neighbors, only two members of the public attended the April 16 hearing on this project, and they did not speak.
The plan involves combining three lots located in the R-12.5 single-family zone to create a 1.1-acre parcel. The property at 25 Meadowside Road has a single-story 1,500-square-foot home with a garage built in 1960. This house will be demolished to construct the townhouses.
GAMS LLC lists Angelo Lisi of Milford as managing member, and Gregory W. Field, Michael Field and Seann Lisi as members.
Under the plan, two buildings will be constructed on what is now the 25 Meadowside Road property, one building will be located behind 31 Meadowside Road, and four buildings will be located on the rear property, adjacent to 214-224 Seaside Avenue.
The buildings will be three stories with a first-floor garage, a second floor living/dining room with kitchen, and a third story with a bedroom and loft/study. With the garages, the units will be 1,363-square-feet with 908 square feet of living space.
Each unit will have a garage with an additional parking spot designated in front of that garage, plus another 15 unassigned spaces in the parking lot. No handicap accessible spaces are provided.
According to the Affordability and Fair Housing Marketing Plan submitted by GAMS, three units will be rented for no more than $850 per month to people earning up to 60% of the area’s median income of $93,200. Another two units will be rented for people earning up at 80% of state median income for $1,077 per month. Under state law these five units are deed restricted to be rented at affordable rates for 40 years.