Orange Historic District receives new tenants along with upgrade

ORANGE - A professional building that first saw occupancy after a number of years of sitting vacant last spring has added substantially to its occupancy.

Now 657 Orange Center Road LLC has taken occupancy of the building owned by Patti Logioco.

Already in place as of last June are Atty. Debra Marino who practices family law and Kara Kelly DeRosa who practices Real Estate and Probate law.

Marino has been practicing for 12 years. She has been practicing family law exclusively for nine years and has had her own practice for three years.

Marino said that while her practice is in town she works throughout the state. She said it's not unusual for her to be in the courts in Meriden, Hartford or elsewhere.

"In a town like this it's nice to have your business where you live. I'm proud to have my business in Orange," Marino said adding that she now lives about a minute from work.

DeRosa, who has a decade of legal expertise, is also a solo practioneer. She said she was excited to see the building gain more tenants.

"I appreciate the camaraderie of other professionals in the office," she said.

Joining the women are immigration expert Sorrell (Sox) Danilowitz and Cohen and Wolfe.

Danilowitz, who has lived in town for 21 years said he was tired of commuting to New York every day.

"I was tired of commuting every day and was beginning to look in New Haven and my wife noticed this building," Danilowitz, who is from South Africa said.

Cohen and Wolfe will use its space as a satellite office for members of the firm.

"We have eight lawyers that live in the area that practice in every area of the law. We are excited to be in New Haven County and able to show Orange we appreciate their business," Town Attorney Vincent Marino, a managing partner with Cohen and Wolfe said.

The building, partially renovated already has three conference rooms, reception area, large parking area, two kitchens, two copy rooms and is Internet-ready

Two additional offices are available fully furnished and plans for more offices are in the works.

Inside the structure is bright, airy and modern. There are already plans for renovating the front facade for curb appeal Marino said.

Marino said he hopes the hubbing professional building will help with the revitalization of the center of town.

Logioco was not available for comment but had said last year that she was looking forward to the building having occupants once again.

"I really hope to make the building something that people will be proud to see," she added.

Logioco said she was happy to have Marino in her building.

"I am pleased to have such a wonderful advocate and town resident in the center of town. I will also be pleased to welcome complimentary professionals to the new first floor suites," Logioco said.