The Orange Volunteer Fire Department held their annual dinner March 14, swearing in new line officers for 2018-2020.

Chief John Knight stepped down from chief of the department after serving 4 years as chief; he will continue to be an active member of the department. John Knight has more than 40 years of membership in the department, rising through the ranks of Lieutenant, Captain, Assistant Chief, Deputy Chief and Chief. His grandfather was a founding member of the department in 1925 and held the title of Chief for 20 years. His father and brother also held the title of chief of the department.

At the annual dinner, department Chaplain Tom Bartis gave the oath of office to the new line officers:

Chief Vaughan Dumas, Deputy Chief Charles Sherwood, Assistant Chiefs Michael Esposito and Dan Johnson. Captains Joseph Duplinsy and Daniel Cole. Lieutenants Eric Auscavitch, Daniel Abrams, David Tufano, and Logan Marsh.

In addition to the operations officers, administrative offices were filled. Taking their oath of office were:

Secretary Peter Daniel, Corresponding Secretary Lisa Kaplan, Treasurer Jonathan Lynn, Assistant Treasurer Arthur Williams.

Firefighter of the year awards were awarded to Peter Daniel and Charles (William) Laudensalger.

Unit Citation awards were issued to firefighters who worked as a team, performing firefighting duties that resulted in exceptional mediation of an incident:

Ken Mitchell, Donald Foyer, David Gagel, Steven Douglas, Tom Astram, Nicholas Brown, Robert Panapada, Nicholas Volta, David Kish, Drew Panapada, Dan Abrams, Eric Auscavitch, Joseph Duplinsky, and Daniel Cole.