Orange Farmers Market abounds with season's harvest

Orange Farmers Market owner Murat Karacayli

Orange Farmers Market owner Murat Karacayli

The Orange Farmers Market, 254 Bull Hill Lane, is fully stocked with all the best the season has to offer, from the everyday most popular fruits and vegetables to unique gourmet delicacies.

“We have been here since 2012,” explained owner and manager Murat Karacayli. “I’ve been in this business for many years in the United States, five years in New York, 15 years in wholesale and six years here in Orange. This store is family owned; my wife and I are partners.”

“We are about half the price compared with Stop & Shop, ShopRite, Wal-Mart and Costco,” continued Karacayli. “We beat their prices. Our number one goal is - everything is gorgeous, so fresh. We buy directly from the farms in Mexico, California, and Florida and locally in season. We buy produce from 10 farms here in the area. During apple season we buy 10,000 pounds of apples each week from the local farms. It sets us apart from the big markets.”

“We are the cheapest for organic eggs too — Pete & Gerry’s we sell for $2.99 a dozen, everybody knows of our market in New York (Bronx), we are a good buyer, we get fresh deliveries every day.” The Market carries jumbo sized produce including jumbo Del Monte pineapples, large Mexican avocados, Florida peaches, Black and Red Plums, Organic Bartlett Pears, green, orange, yellow and red peppers, eggplant, broccoli, asparagus, cauliflower, seedless grapes of every color, Beef and Stem tomatoes, and corn on the cob, as well as the more unusual fresh foods such as fresh almonds, figs, gooseberry, guava, Haitian mangos, lemon plums, Satsuma mandarins, pomegranates, figs, loquats, Korean Batata and much, much more.

“We have about 250 items on special sales each week, we sell grey squash, cranberry beans, flat beans, fava beans - a lot of specialty items nobody else carries around here,” said Karacayli. “We sold an entire truck load of Bing cherries last year. You can save two or three thousand dollars per year by shopping here as opposed to BJ’s approximate five hundred a year. People come from all over the area and we sell to a lot of the restaurants in Connecticut each week. Per week we sell 500 containers of basil, 600-700 containers of rosemary and thyme, all fresh.”

“Since the store opened I’ve been here,” explained Manager Emel Khovari. “We give good service, everybody’s happy with us, our prices nobody can beat and everything is fresh, fresh. We thank the very wide area for supporting us. We like to see everybody and make everybody happy.”

The Orange Farmers Market (OFM) carries organic fruits, vegetables and herbs as well. European foods (Sclafani Authentic Italian), Olive Oils, baked goods, and offers weekly specials. OFM accepts all major credit cards, American Express, WIC Fruit and Vegetable Check Program and EBT.