Only one resident speaks out on city and school budget plans

Board of Finance budget hearings have, in the past, ranged from several minutes to several hours. This year’s hearing lasted about five minutes, with only one resident showing up to comment on the budget plan.

Resident Joseph Prisco didn’t say why he opposed the city and school budget proposals for 2013-14. He simply stepped up to the microphone at Wednesday night’s hearing to say he opposes them.

A senior citizen and a steadfast supporter of tax breaks for senior citizens, Prisco said before the meeting that he does not want his taxes to go up.

Under the preliminary budget proposals, taxes would rise $155 on the typical Milford home  with a market value of $311,070 next fiscal year.

The proposal reflects an increase of 4.75%, from $185.8 million in the current year to $194.63 million in 2013-14.

The mill rate would increase from 25.6 to 26.3, according to Mayor Ben Blake. The mill rate is the amount that a property owner pays for every $1,000 in assessed property.

The plan has a way to go before there is a final budget. The Board of Finance will sort through the proposals before making its spending recommendation, and then the Board of Aldermen will review the requests. A final budget won’t be adopted until May.

The mayor’s proposed budget is on the city website at, and details on the school board’s budget plan may be found at its website at