On Seaside Ave., one affordable housing plan follows another

On the heels of approval for an eight-unit housing plan in a single-family zone at 214-224 Seaside Ave., the Planning and Zoning Board (P&Z) is conducting a public hearing at its June 6 meeting at 7:30 p.m. at City Hall, for a larger 12-unit project at 178 Seaside Ave., also in a single-family zone.

Attorney Thomas Lynch has filed the application on behalf of GAMS LLC, which owns the 0.76-acre property in the R-12.5 zone. There is a 1,500 square foot single-family home constructed in 1915 on the parcel, located only 0.1 miles south of the property at 214-224 Seaside Ave.

The property at 178 Seaside Ave. is a deep lot that extends 345 feet back from the road, and backs onto the properties at 99 and 103 Underhill Rd.

GAMS LLC lists Angelo Lisi, Gregory W. Field, Michael Field, and Seann Lisi of Milford as members. The LLC was formed on Aug. 12, 2016.

The project has been filed under the state’s 8-30g affordable housing law, which requires that 30% of the units be reserved for rent or sale at below-market rates to people earning 80% or less of the area’s median income.

The 8-30g law supersedes local zoning regulations, allowing the construction of multi-unit housing in single-family zones. Neighbors concerned about increased density and traffic have generally opposed these projects.

After rejecting two versions of the first project at 214-224 Seaside Ave., in a court-ordered settlement, the board approved a plan on Nov. 1, 2016, to add eight cottages to the rear of the property, while renovating the home at 214 Seaside Ave.

To prevail in court, the P&Z has to prove the project poses a hazard to public health, safety or welfare, a threat that outweighs the need for affordable housing. The P&Z has not convinced the court that any 8-30g project it has denied or modified met this standard.

Angelo Lisi and Gregory Field also constructed a 22-unit 8-30g project at 14-26 Gulf St.

Neighbors, who posted lawn signs last weekend in opposition to the plan, pointed out that the property is less than an acre — only .7 acre in size.

One sign posted on Seaside Avenue reads, “12 units on 3/4 acres is irresponsible!”