On Cloud 9: Day spa moves into new Milford location

MILFORD — Irena Kozlowska’s slice of heaven may have moved but still calls the city home.

Kozlowska held a grand opening for her Cloud 9 Medi Spa — a staple in the Milford community for some two decades — in new space at 159 Cherry St., a spot which she feels will offer customers the soothing environment they had come to expect since her days located downtown.

“Cloud 9 Medi Day Spa has been around for 20 years, and we decided to upgrade our services,” Kozlowska said. “When we opened 20 years ago, we ended up in downtown, and our lease was up, and we ended up moving after 17 years of being there.”

Unfortunately, after being in the downtown area, the location they moved to was not ideal for an operation that calls for offering a relaxing spa environment.

“After two months of being at the new location, a gym was opened above us, and it wasn’t good for our massages or facials because we wanted our customers to be relaxed when they came in,” she said.

Kozlowska said shortly after the gym moved in, they found the current location on Cherry Street.

“The Milford Chamber of Commerce and Milford DBA helped us a lot with everything,” she said. “Women’s Business Development Council didn’t play a big picture in the opening, but they were always around to answer any questions and always helped me out with business questions.”

However, before they could open their new location in 2020, the pandemic closed everything down.

“We moved in right before COVID hit, and we were fixing the place, and then everything got shut down,” she said. “So we were closed for a really long time that year between the moving, the fixing and the pandemic.”

As restrictions were loosened, Kozlowska could reopen her business to serve her customer base.

“I really appreciate where it is now, and it’s good for our company,” she said.

Because of Kozlowska's 35 years experience as a medical aesthetician, a person who specializes in skincare, she decided to not only have a day spa but have Cloud 9 be a medical spa as well.

“I decided to make this into a medi spa because it is my passion,” she said. “I am a nurse and also a massage therapist, nail tech and everything else, but I have always loved the spa. So it has always been a passion of mine to get even deeper into the medical side of the spa.”

“We were doing different medical services before, such as medical peals, medical Microderm, but I wanted to change it and start fresh,” Kozlowska added. “After COVID, we wanted to start with brand new extra things we need to do, so I decided to change the name. So I just added the Medi to the day spa.”

With the new location, Cloud 9 Medi Day Spa also has new staff, which Kozlowska called excellent.

“It took a long time to get our staffing, but we got great people working for us,” she said.

Having a great staff was a priority for Kozlowska because between moving from her business from the previous location and COVID, she lost most of her staff.

“When we were shut down, I did a lot of things myself for a long time, but I did have a part-time massage therapist who would come two or three times a week for a couple of hours. So it was basically her and me,” she said. “We would do everything by appointment, and that was the way I was running my shop to keep it open. But thankfully, we ended up getting a good staff which was difficult to find.”

“The only other way was to survive through COVID was family and friends because they helped me with everything,” Kozlowska added. “If I needed to move something, If I needed to clean the back or the front rooms, they were always there for me.”

In every location Cloud 9 Medi Day Spa has been, the customer base has followed, but Kozlowska said they’ve gained new customers.

“We’ve always managed to have so many new customers as the years go by,” she said. “Our clientele base grew, and they’ve always followed us because they always wanted to see something new. Now that we have the new place, we have new extra clients for just being here.”

Being in the spa industry for two decades, Kozlowska has met many of her goals, but the one goal she still wants to reach is to franchise the spa.

“That’s my goal down the line,” she said. “Right now, we don’t know what’s going to happen with COVID, everything will hopefully go back to normal, and then we will make further plans. Our goal is to open a couple of places and franchise the company.”