Old diner may be gone next week

The old Milford Diner may be leaving town next week.

Danny Miller, the Indiana resident who has arranged to have it transported to him, said in an email that the diner will be moved next week. He said Mel Brandt, described as ‘a veteran king of the road’ of diner movers, will be in Milford on Monday to load the diner onto a truck.

Miller expects Brandt will have it delivered to him Wednesday night.

Miller, an automobile and history enthusiast who lives in Indiana, outside of Kokomo, is having the diner moved to him so he can restore it on his property and turn it back into a working diner.

The diner, originally thought be a 1946 Silk City Diner, is now being described as a 1950s model.  A diner expert who has been helping Miller ready it for transport said it was built between 1953 and 1955.

The old diner was once a city landmark, a popular breakfast spot. In recent years it has fallen into disrepair.

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