Numerous daytime burglaries under investigation

A rash of burglaries in Bethany and Woodbridge have police believing they are connected.

In Woodbridge Public Information Officer Sgt. Frank Cappiello said three daytime attempts happened on Dec. 30.

Two burglaries occurred on Seymour Road and one on Ansonia Road.

Cappiello said that nothing was taken in any of the break ins.

In Bethany there have been two break ins. The first was Dec. 30 on Downs Road at about 11:30 a.m.

State Police Trooper Dave Merriman said some jewelry was taken. A Subaru Outback with dark tinted windows and no visible license plate was seen leaving the home Merriman said.

A second break in occurred on Jan. 7 at about the same time on North Humiston Drive. Merriam said entry was gained by breaking a rear window and also through an unlocked door.

Merriam said a laptop computer and a bottle of Vicoden prescription pain medication was taken.

Once again a Subaru Outback with dark tinted glass was seen in the area.

Both Merriam and Cappiello believe their crimes might have been committed by the same individuals.

Merriam said he did not believe the thefts were committed by anyone locally but by individuals in the Bridgeport area.

“I believe the suspects are out of Bridgeport and we have a tentative (automotive) plate,” Merriam said.

Cappiello added that in Woodbridge the police were able to gather forsenic evidence and have sent it to the state forensic lab for analysis.

Residents are urged to keep their doors and windows locked and alarms activated.