Notre Dame High School Of West Haven students receive honors

WEST HAVEN >> Notre Dame High School of West Haven recently announced the honor roll for the first term of the 2015-2016 academic year.

The honor roll is based on first term final grades which ran from Wednesday, Aug. 26, to Monday, Nov. 30.

First honors indicate an average of 90 or better; second honors indicates and average of 85-89.999; and third honors indicates an average of 80-84.999.

The following Bethany residents received honors:

• Grade 12 Second Honors: Joseph Ansaldo and Shane Cincotta;

• Grade 11 First Honors: Andre Sofair

• Grade 10 Second Honors: Michael Ansaldo

• Grade 10 Third Honors: Frank Xiao

The following Milford residents received honors:

• Grade 12 First Honors: Matthew Bader, Nicholas Banning, Kevin Clancy, Jared Cour, Mitchell Gage, Matthew Jambor, Joseph Morris, Nicholas Nero, Jacob Reed, Brian Rockwell, Matthew Stofko, Michael Stofko, and Todd Young;

• Grade 12 Second Honors: Adrian Anthony Crus, Michael Finnell, Geoffrey Knotwell, John Mager, Patrick Martyn, Tyler Ortiz, Raymond Paskiewicz, Zaim Rana, Michael Secchiaroli, and Ryan Tonelli;

• Grade 12 Third Honors: John Castello;

• Grade 11 First Honors: Stephen Bader, Thomas Beirne, Zachary Bilcheck, Daniel Boynton, Samarth Kasbawala, and Michael Piechota;

• Grade 11 Second Honors: Tyler Brown-Ortiz, Chukwudi Dikko, Ryan King, Zane Parise, Tyler Riordan, and John Warren;

• Grade 11 Third Honors: Bradley Zsampar;

• Grade 10 First Honors: David Albright, Alexander Besaw, Brett Hart, Michael LoCicero, Nicholas Lombardo, Robert Ludwig, Liam Nuttall, Frank Paine, Reuben Reyes,

Ryan Scagliarini, Jason Schuld, Richard Shrestha, and Anish Thite;

• Grade 10 Second Honors: Nicholas D’Angelo, Andrew Kaminsky, Andrew Marinelli, Shawn Parrott, Michael Robertson, and Andre Singer;

• Grade 10 Third Honors: Jared Gallbronner and Ryan Gordon;

• Grade 9 First Honors: Michael Delaney, Kapish Joshi, Brian LoCicero, Thomas Minar, and Jonathan Moger;

• Grade 9 Second Honors: Yutian Duan, John Luzzi, Nicholas Motasky, Ryan Riordan, Marco Secchiaroli, and Sal Vipparla.

The following Orange residents received honors:

• Grade 12 First Honors: Patrick Geer;

• Grade 12 Second Honors: Marco Rumbin and Dario Salati,;

• Grade 12 Third Honors: Edward Whitman;

• Grade 11 First Honors: Andrew Biondi, Paul DeBassio, Thomas Driscoll, and Yizhou Liu;

• Grade 11 Second Honors: Noah Fearnley, Benjamin Grasso, and Nico Salati;

• Grade 10 First Honors: Peter DeBassio and Andrew Forchetti;

• Grade 10 Third Honors: Cameron Jurzyk and Ryan Kennedy;

• Grade 9 First Honors: Hyunwoo Cho, Hyunwoo Kwak, Colton Varholak, and Anthony Velez;

• Grade 9 Second Honors: Steven Ayala, Kamron Bell, Zackary Hochman, and Sean Nusdeo.

The following Woodbridge residents received honors:

• Grade 12 First Honors: Patrick Nugent;

• Grade 11 First Honors: Chase Ahern and Michael Dziczkowski;

• Grade 10 Second Honors: Ryan Kupcho, Mingqi Luo, and Yeye Miao.