With the change to the broadsheet style of The Bulletin and its early arrival inside the Friday New Haven Register some folks are not receiving their weekly copy.

Those who do not subscribe to the New Haven Register should be receiving their copy of the Bulletin in their mailbox on Fridays.

For those that are not receiving their copy of the Bulletin the editor has arranged drop-off points in Behthay, Orange and Woodbridge where copies of the paper can be picked up Friday afternoons.

In addition to picking up a copy of the paper at these locations please contact the editor and leave your complete address for her to forward to circulation.

The following locations have agreed to host copies of the Bulletin.

* Bethany Town Hall lobby

* Woodbridge Town Clerk's office

* Scoop This, Woodbridge

* Reno's Restaurant, Orange

* Chip's Restaurant, Orange

* Case Memorial Library, Orange

* High Plains Community Center, Human Services, Orange