No show so no vote on Pearl Street plan

The Planning and Zoning Board (P&Z) has a message for applicants: If you want the board to vote on your zoning request, you need to have someone show up at the meeting to represent you.
The board postponed from its Feb. 5 to its Feb. 19 meeting a proposal to construct two-single family houses, one at 31 and the other at 33 Pearl Street, because no one was there to answer questions.
Board member Peg Kearney said, “I think it sets a dangerous precedent to be approving things without any people here who are asking for them.”
Board Chairman Jim Quish said this was the first time in his six years on the board that he remembers reviewing an application with nobody to present it. Quish said the vote would be postponed to the next meeting with the applicant requested to attend.
Patrick Tarantino filed an application for a coastal area management review for the houses to be constructed in the R-5 zone. The plans call for removing a single-story 1,000-square-foot house built in 1920 on the property line of the two properties, and constructing a zoning compliant house on each of the two lots, which are 0.12-acres each. The lots are located in the AE-11 flood zone.
The two-story houses would be constructed on piers of about 13.5 feet, placing them above potential flood waters. Storm water would be controlled through three rain barrels of 350 gallons each for each house.
Board member John Grant asked if the foundation design met FEMA regulations, saying that information was missing from the application.
City Planner David B. Sulkis and Joseph Griffith, director of permitting and land use, responded by saying that when the applicant came for a building permit, the foundation and other elements of the design would be reviewed for compliance with the building code, including FEMA regulations.