Newtown Savings Bank donates $5,000 to The Kennedy Center

For several decades, Newtown Savings Bank has supported individuals with disabilities served by The Kennedy Center.

Most recently, the bank donated $5,000 to this major rehabilitation agency for the purchase of equipment for their businesses which will create new employment opportunities for the individuals they serve.

The Kennedy Center operates six businesses including Kennedy Employment Services, Cutting Edge Lawn Service/Landscaping, KennDOC, Kenn Kleen/Janitorial Service, Soups n’ Such/Catering, and Frameworks/Custom Framing.

“We value our long-term partnership with The Kennedy Center,” said Kenneth L. Weinstein, president and CEO of Newtown Savings Bank. “We know our donation will further enhance the lives of people who depend on the vital services provided by The Kennedy Center.”

“As a nonprofit agency, we rely on the philanthropy of area businesses to underwrite many expenses that do not receive state funding,” said Richard E. Sebastian, Jr.,of Shelton, president and CEO of The Kennedy Center. “I applaud Newtown Savings Bank for their ongoing support in helping individuals with disabilities and our community.”

The Kennedy Center, founded in 1951, is an internationally accredited, non-profit, community-based rehabilitation organization that currently serves more than 2,000 individuals annually. The agency actively responds to the needs of the community by offering innovative, comprehensive service options to persons with disabilities and special needs, from birth to senior years.

The Kennedy Center operates 31 community experience programs, 17 group homes, an industries program composed of six businesses, supported and competitive employment and job placement services, a family support and respite service, travel training, and a variety of children’s programs. Visit for more information.