New position tabled

A new position recommended by Amity Board of Education Finance Director Andrew Potochney, was tabled at the Special Meeting of the board.

The job, Assistant to the Director of Financial and Administrative Services, was proposed in a memo to board members dated Dec. 21 by Potchney and on the agenda at the Jan. 3 meeting.

Potchney reminded board members that one of the conditions for support of the budget referendum by the three town leaders was to allocate funds to upgrade the financial system the board currently uses.

"The referendum has passed. The approval of this position would provide us with the opportunity to begin functioning as a Finance Department that would have the confidence of the community and that would provide the board with the necessary financial data to make timely and sound decisions," Potchney wrote.

The draft job description includes duties such as being responsible for the accounting system, preparing and analyzing monthly financial reports for the board, maintaining the MUNIS information system, assisting with the annual financial statements and supervising and training personnel.

Board member Santo Galatioto questioned the wisdom of approving a new position without checking with the three towns of Bethany, Orange and Woodbridge.

"I think this position needs to be blessed first," Galatioto said referring to the town leaders and three finance board chairmen who are non-voting members of the budget committee.

Board Chairman Michael Lohne said he expects the position to be on the agenda for the Jan. 14 regular Board of Education meeting.