New ordinance would ban boat parking on city streets

City officials are looking into drafting an ordinance to close a loophole that allows boat trailers to be parked long-term on city streets.

A Rivercliff area resident attended this week’s Board of Aldermen’s meeting to ask the aldermen to look into the matter. He said a boat trailer with a jet ski on it is regularly parked on Housatonic Drive, and he said it’s a hazard and an eyesore for neighbors.

“People almost ram into it in the dark,” the resident said.

Kevin Collins, who lives on Housatonic Drive, pointed out that there are city regulations that prohibit people from parking motor homes and recreational vehicles on city streets, but none addressing boat trailers.

“Milford is a waterfront community,” he said, but added that full time storage of a boat on a city street shows disregard for the city.

City Attorney Jonathan Berchem said his office will draft an ordinance prohibiting boat trailers from being stored on city streets.

The ordinance will then go to the Board of Aldermen’s ordinance committee being forwarded to the Board of Aldermen for approval.

Alderman Frank Smith, chairman of the ordinance committee, said he has been looking into the matter and checking into what other communities do regarding the parking of boat trailers. From some preliminary queries, it may be that Milford is one of a few communities that does not prohibit the parking of boat trailers on city streets. Smith said he wants to gather as much information as possible before an ordinance is adopted.

Alderman Susan Shaw said she was surprised to hear the city doesn’t already have a regulation addressing the parking of boat trailers. “It seems natural we would have one,” she said, adding that it says good things about Milford boat owners since, as far as she knows, it hasn’t been a big problem.

Mayor Ben Blake said he believes similar issues may have arisen on East Broadway in the past, along Silver Sands Beach.