New marketing director brings wealth of experience to Milford Arts Council

MILFORD —The new marketing director for the Milford Arts Council brings industry experience in marketing, event planning and television production to the position.

“I’ve worked with brands such as Samsung with the launch of their Galaxy Note phone, I’ve done events with BlackBerry with their 9100 phones, the Windows phone when that launched, I did a lot of the tech program,” said Meg Carriero, who recently started in her new position.

Carriero said it was fun working with companies planning small and big events. While working with big brands, she learned valuable lessons, she said.

“One of the most important things to do overall in any event, whether it’s marketing or live events, is to know how to take a breath and take a moment to step back and center yourself if you think things are not going according to your plan,” she said. “That’s one of the big things. And from there, it’s really listening to the people you are meeting with. You want to hear what people at these events have to say so you can improve and better yourself.

Paige Miglio, the MAC’s executive director, welcomed Carriero to the center’s family.

“She brings her wealth of marketing and events experience,” said Miglio.

Miglio said Carriero loves all of the arts, but she especially enjoys theater. Carriero said her parents were older, and they got her started watching many of the classic films.

“I think I saw my first play at a children’s theater, and I loved those,” she said. “I went to my first Broadway show when I was around 11 or 12 years old. It was something my family did. We loved seeing live theater.”

Carriero said she started acting in live theater in elementary school, continued through high school, and was part of the Theater Department at the Educational Center for the Arts in New Haven.

“I have such a respect for theater artists,” she said. “There’s just something extra when you have that theater training because you have to be on point, and there’s no retake.”

Now that her son is older, Carriero said he has gotten interested in theater as well, and she’s excited to be able to share her passion with him.

“He’s obsessed with The Nutcracker, and he says he wants to be the Nutcracker someday. He’s done one season of ballet so far, and he wants to continue with it,” she said. “He told me he wants to be an actor. I’ve never really told him about my acting so I’m not quite sure where he got it from.”

Carriero said she submitted her son’s picture for a couple of projects, and he was able to land a Fourth of July Nathan’s Famous Hot Dog commercial.

But Carriero said he still has time to change his mind about his future artistic endeavors.

“As we were leaving the set for the commercial, he told me he wanted to be a rock star,” she said.

After attending the Educational Center for the Arts, Carriero pursued an acting career in New York City. She earned a degree in communications from Pennsylvania State University and a specialized marketing certificate from the University of Pennsylvania.

Besides acting, Carreiro has experience behind the camera as a production assistant in several different projects such as “John Wick” and “The Amazing Spider-Man 2.”

“Working in the film industry was fun but hard. Sometimes we would be on set for 16 hours,” she said. “I started on the acting side and moved to the production side because I wanted to understand how things worked on their side as well.”

Now that Carriero is focused on marketing, she said one of her goals is to bring in a new and younger audience.

“Our audience base is mainly adults, I’d love to see us grow and bring in a young audience,” she said. “With everyone coming out of the pandemic, I think it’s important to reach multiple types of people and luckily our programming here from the visual arts to the live music, to the live theater. This allows us to reach those different types of people and I’d love for us to continue to push and broaden those groups.”